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About Un4gettable Events

Un4gettable Events is an extraordinary event and wedding planning service that specializes in helping you handle every detail of your event with excellence.  I believe things should be done right.  Ordinary will never do. People love to see the idea in their head come to life in the room. You know - the before that becomes the after. That's what I do!  I turn your concept into reality. I will walk alongside of you to ensure your event is truly Un4gettable!


That’s why I decided to establish Un4gettable Events. I help plan amazing events for people who love hosting, but don’t have the time or the patience to deal with every detail. I’ve been organizing and planning events since 2004.  Details may not be your thing, but they definitely are mine!

Un4gettable Events is currently located in Michigan serving portions of Genesee County.  With years of experience in coordinating and planning events, my mission is to make sure your event is truly Un4gettable!

Wedding Services

Occasional Cake Pops
Mrs. Bride, Mr. Groom

Complete Wedding Package

This package is for the couple who will require assistance in planning their wedding from start to finish.  Un4gettable Events will be involved in every aspect of the planning such as design and layout, vendor selection, oversight of wedding day details, RSVP tracking and more. Must be secured at least 1 year prior to wedding.

"Almost There" Wedding Package

For those who have done much of the planning and need help toward the end of the process, we can get involved three months prior to your wedding day to help bring all of the final details together. Must be secured at least 3 months prior to wedding.

"Day-of-Wedding" Package

If you have all your planning done and want to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly, we will handle the rehearsal and coordinate your wedding day. We get involved 3 months prior to wedding.


Special Events

Leave the Details to Me!



Un4gettable Events can help you plan special events such as birthday celebrations, retirement parties and graduation open houses. Contact us to set up a time to discuss your needs. 

Retreats & Small Corporate Events

Whether it's a staff empowerment day or a weekend retreat away, Un4gettable Events can help you plan the most impactful and Un4gettable gathering.

Male Speaker
Business Consultation

Hourly Wedding Consultations

If you want to get a good start on planning your own event and want to keep costs to a minimum, this package is for you.  We provide you with necessary advice on the most important aspects of your event.
$75 per hour


Event Planning Tip


Why Hire Un4gettable Events?

3 Great Reasons

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Save Time & Money!

Many people think that hiring an event planner is too expensive and a waste of time. On the contrary, it can actually be one of the best ways you can spend your money when planning your event. Your planner comes alongside of you and handles every detail with great care. They see to it that your vision is realized based on your needs and desires. Additionally, they can make sure your dollars are being spent in the right places.

Stress Free Planning!


Planning an event involves countless hours of research, organization and budgeting, not to mention the number of hours on the phone talking to vendors for your event. Why not leave the planning to us while you reap the benefits of a well thought out plan.  Let us alleviate the stress that comes along with the planning process. Our mission is to make sure you have a stress-free and Un4gettable event!

Enjoy Your Event!


Any type of event can benefit from the skill of an event planner. A good event planner can take the hassle out of your function, giving you the freedom to enjoy your event, as well as your guests. Why tie yourself up by dealing with all the details on your event day? You can have peace of mind knowing every detail has been handled to your satisfaction. Relax and enjoy the moment.

Before moving forward with planning your event, it is an absolute must to establish a budget first. Take the time to sit down and think about how much you REALLY want to spend, or better yet, how much you can afford to spend.  Setting a budget will help prevent overspending and will keep you in check when it comes to purchasing unnecessary items.  Once you have established your overall budget amount, allocate a specific amount for each category (decor, food, invitations, etc.). Whatever your budget, STICK WITH IT!

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Inspiring, Extraordinary, Truly Un4gettable

Let's Get Started Creating Your Un4gettable Event!

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